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For awhile now I’ve been mulling this idea over, what are the most delicious things to eat in Cambridge? Food items that are uniquely Cambridge that you just have to check out. Well we posed this question to friends on Facebook and got a rather enthusiastic response. Here’s some of the more popular options that I can personally vouch for and were uniquely Cambridge. I’d love to hear what you think are the best foods to eat in Cambridge, be sure to leave a comment below.

  • The Old Marina – The Puslinch Burger

    old-marina-puslinch-burgerThis is one that just needs to be experienced. Usually when you order a cheeseburger you’d figure the cheese would be on the burger itself. With the Puslinch burger, it’s more like the cheese encompasses your whole plate. Fried crispy, it’s almost like the cheese needs its own area code. It’s like an appetizer and and entree all-in-one.

  • L.A. Franks – The Frips

    la-franks-fripsThis one is definitely a truly Cambridge experience. L.A. Franks has a lot of great items, but this one is really unique. French fries topped with Thousand Island dressing, bacon bits, diced tomato and green onions. It’s a messy disaster of deliciousness. Since L.A. Franks is only open seasonally this is one you can’t get year round, so make sure to pick a nice day and grab some frips.

  • George’s Fine Chinese Food – The #18

    George's #18 - Sweet & Sour Chicken / Soo Guy AlmondThe classic from George’s, Egg Roll, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Soo Guy Almond and Mushroom Fried Rice. George’s is an absolute institution in Cambridge and puts a unique spin on this dish that separates it from any other Chinese food place out there

  • Bake Shop On Main – Multiple Items

    bake-shop-on-main-croissantThey were one of the more popular spots mentioned by people, so I’ll highlight the few items here. I absolutely love their Stecca bread. It’s a salty stick of bread that you can just eat on own, it’s that good. The almond toffee and ginger cookies are phenomenal. We also had some love for their macarons. Their croissants are pretty otherworldly as well. So basically go there and try everything!

  • Dee’s Bakery – Butter tarts

    Dee's Butter Tarts in Cambridge, OntarioDee’s is one that I loved even before they moved to Cambridge in 2013. Previously it was worth the drive to Valens to pick up their amazing tarts. With amazing flavours like Skor, Chocolate Chip, Maple Walnut and Caramilk there’s really no wrong answer when it comes to Dee’s.

  • Monigram Coffee Roasters – The Americano

    monigram-americano-cambridge-ontarioMonigram’s has definitely built a sterling reputation for being the go to place in Cambridge to get a great coffee. Their Americano is definitely worth a visit for. I’ll usually get one of their amazing multigrain croissants with it, makes a great pairing.

  • Stoyles Fish & Chips – Newfie Fries

    Stoyles Newfie FriesStoyles is definitely a great destination fish and chips in town, but you can kick it up a notch by ordering the Newfie Fries. Fresh cut fries covered with dressing, then slathered with a rich beef gravy. Accompanied with a Lime Crush is the way to do it.

  • Malasada’s World – Portugese Doughnuts

    malasadas-world-portugese-doughnutsTapping into the local Portugese community are these wonderful doughnut delicacies. Defying the traditional Tim Hortons style rings, these doughnuts, served either tradition(kinda like a frisbee shape) or Hawaiian style(ball shaped, similar to say a Boston Cream) are amazing. Have them with simple sugar coated, or topped with an array of seasonal flavours these are definitely a treat not to be missed.

Have something you think should be included on a future list? Did I miss something amazing that I absolutely need to check out? Leave a message in the comments.

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