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Kids Eat Free (Or Cheap) in Cambridge Ontario

As parents of a toddler, we understand how the thought of taking your children out to eat can be daunting. You worry about what food will interest your child enough to eat, how your little one will behave and the cost of paying for the extra food that may or may not be eaten. Luckily we’ve put together this definitive list of  restaurants in Cambridge, Ontario who are here to […]

Best Patios In Cambridge Ontario

With the warmer weather nearly upon us, the mind starts to daydream about good times spent on the patio. Well us here at love patios, so we thought we’d give a complete breakdown of all the patio experiences to be found in Cambridge, Ontario. Our rating system is broken down into 3 crieteria, Sun, Noise and Atmosphere. Sun is rated on the amount of sun exposure you’d find, from […]

Most Delicious Things In Cambridge Ontario

For awhile now I’ve been mulling this idea over, what are the most delicious things to eat in Cambridge? Food items that are uniquely Cambridge that you just have to check out. Well we posed this question to friends on Facebook and got a rather enthusiastic response. Here’s some of the more popular options that I can personally vouch for and were uniquely Cambridge. I’d love to hear what you think are […]

A Grand Adventure at Langdon Hall

Harry Hyde, yes, he does have an amusing name, was my grandfather. Family legend states Harry worked as a chauffeur for a period time at a very prestigious home in the village of Blair. The house was located at the top of a hill, had a very long driveway meandering through forest up towards a circular drive going beneath 4 massive pillars. It was owned then by the Eugene Langdon […]

Top Chicken Wing Nights In Cambridge Ontario

Wing Nights aren’t just for Wednesdays anymore! Who doesn’t like a good wing night? Now finding a local night for cheap chicken wings in Cambridge has never been easier with our definitive guide. Cambridge is fortunate to have wing nights 7 days a week, including the mystical Friday and Saturday wing nights. Cambridge has a great mix of independent and chain restaurants for all your chicken wing hankerings! List updated […]