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Cambridge to Hold Public Info Session on Ranked Balloting

The City is holding a public information session on the possibility of using of ranked ballots in the 2022 municipal election. The session will be held this Wednesday, September 13th at 6:00 pm in the Bowman Room at City Hall (50 Dickson St., Cambridge). The city determined that use of a ranked ballot in the 2018 municipal election would not be appropriate due to lack of understanding. The information session […]

Cambridge City Council to Stream Council and Committee Meetings

The City of Cambridge is now streaming council and committee meetings on the internet. The initiative started with the June 6th Planning and Development Committee meeting. This is a big change for the City, as previously Council was only broadcast on Rogers. This excluded many people from accessing the content readily if they were with rival cable companies like Bell, or had cut the cord on paying for television service. […]

Internet Voting for Some; Miniature Canadian Flags for Others In Cambridge

Cambridge city council recently voted to allow for the use of internet and telephone voting for the 2018 municipal election. It will be expanded this time to include the three weeks leading up to and on Election Day itself. The measure passed by a 6-3 vote. In 2014 these voting methods were only available for the two weeks leading up to Election Day. This was the first time internet and […]

Electoral Reforms In Cambridge Need To Start Now

Back in September Cambridge city council opted to keep the first-past-the-post system for electing members of council. City staff made the recommendation not to adopt the ranked ballot system, which is now an option for municipalities in Ontario. Council members expressed concerns that a new system would create confusion that would lead to low voter turnout. “Introducing this will be a nightmare,” said Counsellor Frank Monteiro. His concern is the […]