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Rethinking The Cambridge Centre

Back in June it was announced that Cambridge was going to be one of the 59 Sears Canada stores that would be closing. The Cambridge Centre location had already been transitioned from the full-line Sears location to an outlet store a few years ago, but all the same this definitely comes as a huge blow to our local mall. For a mall that had already lost one anchor tennant in […]

Cambridge Needs To Start Acting Like A City On Gaslight District

Recently there has been a lot of chatter about the height of the condo towers in the proposed Gaslight District development in Galt. Nicholas Ermeta is calling for the Gaslight condo heights to be reduced to 10 storys. This isn’t even an idea, it’s basically photo op to tell developers to adhere to the status quo and to cram this project back into the existing box of restrictive local bylaws. The […]

ION Phase 2 Plan For Cambridge

The proposed route for the ION LRT coming to Cambridge has been announced and now the conversation begins anew in town. I think one of the prevailing thoughts locally on this project has been that it was possibly a pipe dream and that Phase 2 would never actually come to Cambridge. It’s great to see progress being made as planning on phase 2 moves forward. I believe viable transit throughout Waterloo […]

The True Centre Of Cambridge Needs Transformation

If you asked someone from Cambridge how many cores the city has the quick answer would be 3, Galt, Preston and Hespeler. This is natural, these were the 3 areas amalgamated in 1973 to create Cambridge and the downtown cores that exist to this day over 40 years later. While this is technically the right answer, it ignores the 4th and quite possibly the biggest core in Cambridge, Hespeler Road. […]

Duplication In Cambridge

I’ve lived here in Cambridge for close to a decade and have noticed a certain phenomena. We seem to lag behind when it comes to getting certain amenities in our town. Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph tend to be a little more avant garde when it comes to opening new businesses, be it a certain style of restaurant or maybe a new category of business that didn’t exist previously. Then all […]