The Handmaid’s Tale comes to Cambridge

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Yesterday the adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, premiered in Canada on Bravo. There was one scene in episode 1 that prominently featured Downtown Cambridge, Mill Race Park in Galt. I don’t want to spoil anything in the episode, but here’s a few beautiful shots of our fair City. The shots feature Elizabeth Moss(Mad Men) and Alexis Bledel(Gilmore Girls) walking along the public walkways along the Grand River. The shots look gorgeous and definitely show why Cambridge is becoming a hot destination for many Hollywood productions.

As a forewarning, some of these photos do contain spoilers. I’m updating this post as the show airs in Canada, so I’ve been trying to highlight the parts shot in Cambridge without giving too much away.

Photos From The Handmaid’s Tale Filmed In Cambridge Ontario


Walking in Mill Race Park


View down the Grand River towards Main Street


Walking by the Grand River in Mill Race Park


Walking down by the Grand River with the Cambridge Mill in the background


Alexis Bledel & Elizabeth Moss cross Main Street bridge


Reflection in the window


Elizabeth Moss with CIBC building in the background


Alexis Bledel walking across Main Street bridge with CIBC in background


Looking South down the Grand River from Main Street bridge


Galt Juice Company window with Knox Presbyterian Church in the reflection

These scenes definitely come off beautifully on screen. It’s pretty cool seeing Cambridge Ontario through the glossy lens of a big production, complete with recognizable Hollywood stars.

Episodes Shot In Cambridge Ontario

Episode 1 Photos

Episode 5 Photos

Episode 6 Photos

Episode 9 Photos

Here’s the official trailer for the show. You can catchup on this week’s episode using BravoGo in Canada.

Update: Found this cool behind the scenes video of shooting from October 2016. Beware there may be some spoilers in this one, so consider yourself warned.

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